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April 26, 2024

What is The Cost of a Deck?

Cost of a Deck

What is the Average Materials Cost of a Deck in 2024?

Over the last several years, supply chain costs and lumber costs have risen. All of these affect the cost of a deck. What is an average cost of a deck lately? Here are a few numbers to get an idea:

Prices of Decking Material

MaterialCost per sqftCost for 320 sqft Deck
Pressure-treated wood$2 - $5$600 - $1,600
Bamboo$3 - $10$1,000 - $3,200
Cedar$3 - $7$1,000 - $2,300
Redwood$5 - $30$1,600 - $9,600
Mahogany$8 - $11$2,500 - $3,500
Composite/PVC$12 - $22$3,900 - $7,000
Metal$15 - $20$4,800 - $6,400

Consider that you need about 20% overage in decking materials for waste. Patterns like straight boards waste less materials than complicated patterns.

A material like pressure treated wood will have a lower upfront cost but require more maintenance costs than a more resilient material like PVC decking.

What are Labor Costs for Building a Deck?

Labor costs can range from about $15-40 a square foot. Labor can vary based on how complex the deck design is, how many permits are needed, if you need any demolition of previous decks, and more.

English Walnut PVC Deck and Rail System
English Walnut PVC Deck and Rail System

What is the Cost of a Deck Upgrade?

Decks have a lot of different upgrades and features you may want to incorporate in order to make your deck unique. All of these things will increase the cost of your deck. Consider adding them little by little if you have budgetary constraints.

Some average costs of deck features include:

  • Patio warmer $300-$3,000.
  • Fire pit installation $300-$1,400
  • Built-in or standalone seating $800-$1,500.
  • Porch swing $100-$200
  • Outdoor kitchen $4,200-$20,500
  • Hot tub installation $5,000-$20,000 including the tub and deck.
  • Sauna $1,000-$10,000
  • Outdoor lighting $50-$300 per fixture

What is the Total Cost of a Deck?

With these and other factors in consideration, a starting deck price point - a smaller size with pressure-treated deck boards - is likely about $5,000, with all the factors like materials, size, upgrades, and others increasing the cost from there.

Liberty Construction Specialties can help you with a customized quote that will include all of the features you are looking for!

How Do I Get Started Building a Deck?

Contact Liberty Construction Specialties today for a free consultation and get an estimate for your new deck. We look forward to working with you and making your dream deck a reality!

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